Open source interface for EnergyPlus

  1. EPlusTUI: Text based interface tui = text user interface

    Status : Version 0.004 has been released. Lets you open 'idf' fileview, edit and save it.

  2. EPlusGUI: Graphical interface

    Status : Early mockups have been built with Boa Constructor

  3. API: A set of well documented API that can be used to develop specialized interfaces

    Status : Most of the code being written now will over time become usable API

  4. CAD Interface: Protocol for building 3D models in CAD for EnergyPlus - with conversion routines to generate EnergyPlus files

    Status : Module is complete. Needs import routines for different CAD formats

  5. Material Library: Develop standard libraries for materials, construction, windows, systems, plants etc.

    Status : Module is complete. Needs a simple interface

  6. Import/Export: Protocol for transfering (import/export) elements between files

    Status : Module is complete. Needs a simple interface

  7. Gobal Find & Replace: For example - replace one type of construction material with another in the entire building

    Status : Just an idea now :-). Should be easy to implement

  8. Pre-Built modules: Systems and plants:
    • Develop pre-built modules that can be quickly plugged into Energyplus files
    • Have a kit of parts that can be made into modules

    Status : Early stage explorations to see how this can be done