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We have a wonderful client who has a houseboat in Sausalito. The boat is on the older side and has seen better days.  It is also not very comfortable as it had minimum insulation and the windows date from the 1970’s.  To make things better we have embarked on a complete rebuilding of the boat, starting with structural issues, such as integrity of the concrete barge, soundness of the structure and then we are looking at water tightness from above and below.  The current plan is to retrofit all the windows, and we have redesigned the boat to more modern comfort and energy efficiency standards.  This includes renewing all finishes, outside and in, and to make it a good neighbor in the close and dense Sausalito houseboat community. 

Above: Interior Rendering of the Houseboat.

Above: Exterior Rendering of the Houseboat entry.

Working on a houseboat is a complex problem as it straddles both boatbuilding and houses.  From the boatbuilding side the barge has to be watertight and the weight distribution must be managed to ensure that the boat will float level without too much ballast.  From the land house side, the houseboat has to comply with local zoning ordinances, comply with the current energy code and be subject to all the normal planning considerations, such as maximum height, view corridors etc.  It is an interesting problem and one that makes the design of the boat challenging and a great problem to solve.

We are currently in discussions with other owners in the same community for similar commissions.

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Above: Satellite Image of the Sausalito Community.








Above: Exterior Rendering of the Houseboat terrace and the deck.