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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

This 2.3 million sf complex is a glass prism in the desert. Loisos + Ubbelohde provided daylighting, energy consulting, energy modeling, façade consulting, specified glazing for the project, and collaborated with the mechanical engineer, Ted Jacob Engineering Group, Inc., to couple the HVAC and envelope systems.  Extensive glazing consulting for the nine-layer double skin envelope resulted in the building envelope performing 25% better than a base ASHRAE building.  Recovered exhaust air circulates through the 5 ft cavity between the building skins to insulate the interior from the harsh desert climate.  As part of the integrated design process, Radiance simulations were used to analyze the qualitative and quantitative aspects of daylighting. The building includes spandrel panels that articulate each slab level, a continuous glazing system wrapping the corners, and an explicitly revealed diagrid curtainwall system.

Temp GraphPredicted temperature gradients through the double skin on a design day. Outside is on the left and inside on the right. The two spikes are the surface temperatures of the glass assemblies.

Cleveland Clinic AD: An Unlikely Glass Hospital Download PDF

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Abu Dhabi, UAE

Occupied, 2015

MENA Green Building Awards Green Commercial Building of the Year, 2017

Building Healthcare Middle East Best Hospital Design Award, 2015

AIA Middle East Chapter Built Merit Design Award, 2015

Building Healthcare Middle East Best Sustainable Hospital Project, 2015

Hospital Build Middle East Best Hospital Design Award, 2010

Close-up view of skin diagrid.

Top image courtesy of HDR