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Located in a harsh environment where natural ventilation is not an option, the SFO Firehouse achieved a LEED Gold v4 certification. The 24,000 sq-ft fire station has a vertical core as well as an opening apparatus that opens up to the airfield. Additionally, there is an entry opening in front of US 101. The design addresses the cohesion of the opening towards the public space, and the security of the airfield space, meeting requirements from SFO, FAA, TSA, SFFD, and SFPD. This state of the art firehouse includes a 16000 gallon foam delivery system, dorms, and numerous facilities.

Loisos and Ubbehlohde consulted in defining and developing energy related sustainability throughout the entire design process. Using energy modeling at a macro and micro scale, thermal performances of individual components, such as glazed windows that also absorb runway noise, and the focus on envelope details, improve energy and sustainability performances, creating a comfortable space. 

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bulletExterior Elevation

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Shah Kawasaki Architects

Occupied, 2017


bulletEntry Elevation








Images courtesy of YamaMar and Shah Kawaski Architects