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In Los Angeles's 1912 Armory’s Main Hall, converted into a flexible, open two-story courtyard and by an interior bamboo garden, is the heart of the Science Education Resource Center of the California Science Center. Libraries, labs, meeting rooms, and classrooms flank the atrium’s perimeter and are provided access to the new North school building via a pair of bridges that lead across an outdoor garden lunchroom.

Loisos + Ubbelohde developed predictive methods including advance shade simulation, micro-climate and comfort analysis to assess the impact from the geometry of the courtyard, the orientation and size of the roof opening, the introduction of a bamboo grove and water features, and the presence of heavy mass walls, both shaded and receiving solar radiation.  These findings assisted the exhibit designer, Gyroscope Inc., to design and locate experimental facilities and helped the California Science Center predict how to use the Big Lab as conditions change both diurnally and seasonally.

bulletInterior photograph

“Comfort in the Science Garden” from PLEA 2006 Clever Design, Affordable Comfort, Proceedings of the 23rd Conference on Passive and Low Energy Alternatives, Geneva, Switzerland, September 2006, pp. ii-523–528.
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Morphosis Architects

Occupied, 2004

bulletAerial photograph

bulletInterior photograph

Photographs courtesy of Morphosis Architecs