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Located in Culver City across La Cienega from their 2003 gallery, this 21,000 sf complex is transformed from a raw manufacturing space into a series of classically proportioned galleries illuminated by carefully calibrated skylights in deep wells. The complex also includes a 2,400 sf project space for independently curated exhibitions in the upper level, office, back of the house spaces and a large 19,000 sf private outdoor space. Straight-forward fluorescent lighting and HVAC are coordinated with the skylight well design, keeping the galleries sleek and straight forward to showcase the art. Loisos + Ubbelohde worked with the architects to develop and tune the daylighting performance, construction details and the electrical lighting design for the galleries.


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Escher GuneWardena Architecture

Los Angeles, CA

Completed, 2009

Above: HDR rendering of gallery space.

Below: Isolux contours showing illuminance levels in gallery space.

Top image courtesy of Brandon Shigeta: www.brandonshigeta.com