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This 6-story 180,000 sf office building was the result of a collaboration between L+U and WMP. The partnership took advantage of L+U’s expertise in high-performance buildings and WMP’s expertise in engaging developers in green ventures. Prospective tenants were impressed enough that the building was leased by Dropbox as its new HQ before construction began. The high-performance envelope includes superior glass, operable windows, sunshades, and a well-insulated exterior envelope that reduces energy use by 26%. In addition, on-site water capture reduces potable water demand by 45%. The building was certified LEED platinum in 2016.

bullet View of Northwest facade facing Brannan street.

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William McDonough + Partners
Loisos + Ubbelohde, Associate Architect

San Francisco, CA

Occupied, 2015
USGBC LEED Platinum, 2016

bullet 18" overhang, 2nd floor, bright overcast sky, 0.23 DGP

bulletImages by Laurence Anderson, courtesy of WMP