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This renovated masonry warehouse in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco houses College Track, a non-profit organization that helps high school students achieve college degrees. The renovation included a full seismic retrofit of the brick exterior and the insertion of a partial second floor. Inside, a series of tutoring rooms are arranged around a central, toplit reading room with a diffusing light monitor.

Because College Track works with students primarily during after school hours, it has an unusual occupancy schedule, with peak loads coming between 4 PM and 7 PM during the school year. Loisos and Ubbelohde modeled building energy use to determine building uses and components that contribute most to the building’s energy budget. By taking advantage of San Francisco’s cool climate and the building’s later hours of occupation, L+U was able to develop strategies to maintain comfort within the building without the use of air conditioning.

Photograph of central, toplit reading room

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Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

San Francisco, CA

Occupied, 2012

Interior study space

Images by David Wakely, courtesy of TGH Architects