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Edison Language Academy is a language immersion school for 470 students in the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District.  The school district, faculty and parents are strongly interested in a high performance, healthy, and environmentally responsible building and grounds. The resulting design features daylighted classrooms with solar chimneys that provide both daylight and effective natural ventilation for the classrooms. 

Loisos + Ubbelohde assisted the design team in reducing the school’s current energy use by 50% through energy modeling, daylight consulting, and the development of a high efficiency building envelope. These strategies produced a design that is 31.75% more efficient than Title 24 standards.  We provided natural ventilation simulations to help design the sculptural solar chimney stacks and prove their effectiveness for natural ventilation.  We also worked with the Savings By Design program to formulate a method for calculating natural ventilation as part of the energy savings calculations, resulting in significant owner and design incentive rebates.  The Edison Language Academy qualifies for the CHPS superior energy performance credit.



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Santa Monica, CA

Occupied, 2014

crossRadiance simulation of classroom daylighting.