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The first comprehensive renovation of The Frick Collection since the 1930’s, this major restoration and expansion will add much-needed gallery, conservation, administration, and education spaces to one of the most beloved art museums in New York City. The design by Selldorf Architects preserves the intimate visitor experience and galleries for which the Frick is known, restores the 70th Street Garden, and adds 27,000 square feet of new construction.

Loisos and Ubbelohde is working closely with the design team to redesign the assemblies for the skylights in the museum’s galleries and garden court to stringent curatorial standards. To establish baseline criteria for simulation and development, L+U performed site measurements of illumination levels, surface brightness, and local shading. Material colors and finishes calibrated from the site visit were included in the daylighting simulations. Due to the complexities of the assemblies, which contain multiple layers of diffusion, computer simulations were verified using a variety of physical models and mockups, including 1/8” scale models, testing boxes, and a quarter scale mockup.

Vertical illuminance in West Gallery from site measurements

Horizontal illuminance in West Gallery from site measurements

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Selldorf Architects
Beyer Blinder Belle Architects

New York, NY

Construction Documents

Radiance simulation of Garden Court, human adaptation rendering

False color luminance map of Garden Court from Radiance simulation