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have been described as two habits of mind. These are often separated by the way that we think about architecture, and subsequently we organize the design process which makes distinctions between what is aesthetic and what is building, what is theory and what is practice. These differences are not real; they reside in our frames of analysis. In the masterworks of architecture these distinctions disappear.
- Don Watson

Commercial Projects
    New York Times Building   Packard Foundation Los Altos, CA:
Site shading studies, daylighting design and simulations, shading design control protocols and glass specifications for this Zero-Net-Energy office building.
(Architect:EHDD Architecture)


    Apple Store 5th Ave   El Cerrito Recycling & Environmental Resource Center el Cerrito, CA:
Daylighting, shading and energy analysis as well as management of the LEED certification process for this LEED platinum facility.
(Architect: Noll & Tam Architects)


    Packard   Digital Animation Campus Glendale, CA:
Daylighting and visual comfort consulting services for the reuse of this industrial space transformed into an innovative and creative studio for animators.
(Architect:Lever Architecture)


    VMware   Animation Studios Emeryville Emeryville, CA:
Daylighting design and performance and LEED certification process for this 155,000 sf animation facility.
(Architect: Allied Works Architecture and Perkins and Will)


      New York Times Building New York, NY:
Shading protocols and controls to recognize site shading from surrounding buildings for 1.6 million sf, 52-story office tower. Contracted by MechoShade for NY Times.
(Architect: Renzo Piano and FX/Fowle)






Apple Store 5th Avenue, New York NY
Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA
Architect: Solomon E.T.C. and WRT

Novus International, Inc.  St. Charles, MO
Architect: Forum Studio Architects

Blum & Poe Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Architect: Escher GuneWardena Architects

Apple Flagship Store, Los Angeles. CA
Architect: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

The GAP Corporate Campus 901 Cherry, San Bruno, CA
Architect: William McDonough + Partners and Gensler San Francisco

ResMed Corporate Headquarters, San Diego, CA
Architect: Davis Davis Architects

VMWare Project Promontory, Palo Alto, CA
Architect: William McDonough + Partners and Form 4 Architecture

Smart Curb Pavilions San Diego International Airport San Diego, CA
Architect: URS Corporation

Hercules Intermodal Transit Center, Hercules, CA
Architect: Team headed by HDR Engineering

Nike European Headquarters, Hilversum, The Netherlands
Architect: William McDonough + Partners


Institutional Projects  
    Boalt Hall   Boalt Hall Law Library Berkeley, CA:
Skylighting, glazing and shading design for the underground extension of the Law library reading room and work areas was coupled with shading and glass analysis for the new plaza level cafe.  
(Architect: Ratcliff Architecture)



    NASA   NASA Sustainability Base  Moffett Field, CA:
Early schematic design charettes, daylighting, solar shading, mechanical systems, energy use consulting and high efficiency electric lighting design.
(Architect: William McDonough + Partners and AECOM)



    Triskelion   Triskelion San Francisco, CA:
Daylight design, electrical lighting design, shading design and photovoltaic system design for a free-standing temporary pavilion in the Presidio Park.
(Architect: Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects)



    Art Center South Campus    Crissy Field Center San Francisco, CA:
Energy, daylight performance, and real-time performance monitoring and display for 7,200 sf facility used as educational and interactive center for the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and the National Park Service. (Product: Project FROG)



        CCSF Chinatown/North Beach Campus San Francisco, CA:
Advanced daylight analysis and full lighting design including lighting controls and shading systems. Project surpasses power density thresholds set by Title 24 by at least 20%.
(Architect: EHDD Architecture and Barcelon + Jang)





UC Davis Student Community Center, Davis, CA
Architect: BAR Architects / MFDB Architects

Art Center College of Design, South Campus, Pasadena, CA
Architect: Daly Genik

Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies, Oberlin, OH
Architect: William McDonough + Partners

Weisman Museum, Minneapolis, MN
Architect: Frank O. Gehry

American University School of International Service, Washington DC
Architect: William McDonough + Partners

Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center, San Leandro, CA
Architect: HOK Architects and Beverly Prior Architects

Sarah Heinz House & School. Pittsburg, PA
Architect: William McDonough + Partners

Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA
Architect: William McDonough + Partners

Sonoma State Environmental Technology Center, Sonoma, CA
Architect: AIM Associates




School Projects  
    Edison Language Academy   Edison Language Academy Santa Monica, CA:
Energy modeling and daylight consulting, with performance over 30% better than Title 24. With a high efficiency building envelope and solar chimneys.
(Architect: Daly Genik Architects) 



      Branson School Ross, CA:
Daylighting, energy modeling, sustainability consulting, and LEED certification management for student commons and fine arts buildings. LEED platinum certification in 2010.
(Architect: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects)



    Chartwell School   Chartwell School Seaside, CA:
Parametric daylighting design and performance for classrooms in deep green private school campus for students with special needs.
(Architect: EHDD Architecture)



      FROG Zero Classroom:
Modular building that adapts to local climate. Daylighting design, energy and comfort modeling, renewable energy analysis and sizing, glass specification, lighting controls.
(Product: Project FROG)



    Montclair School   Montclair Elementary School Oakland, CA:
Daylighting for new 29,000 sf classroom building for Montclair Elementary School. The building will be 100% daylight autonomous during schools hours. CHPS certification is expected.
(Architect: Gould Evans Baum Thornley Architects)





Kenilworth Junior High School, Petaluma, CA
Architect: Quattrocchi Kwok Architects with AIM Associates

Big Lab (Science Garden) in the Amgen Center for Science Learning, Los Angeles
Architect: Morphosis Architects

Sankofa Academy at Washington Elementary School, Oakland
Architect: S Meek Architecture and
Stadler & Architecture




    CalTech Linde + Robinson   Caltech Linde + Robinson Lab for Global Environmental Science
Pasadena, CA:
Coelostat re-activation design and daylighting consulting.  A historic solar telescope will be re-used to provide daylight to underground laboratories. 
(Architect: Architectural Resources Group, Inc.)



    Caltech   Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates:
Energy, daylighting, and glazing specifications. Double-skin facade with custom, high performance glazing assembly for 2.7 million square foot hospital and clinic complex.
(Architect: HDR)
Cleveland Clinic Abu DhabiDetails



      Carnegie Institute Department of Global Ecology Palo Alto, CA:
Daylighting and visual comfort for university laboratory and office building. Lightshelves and careful attention to interior finishes helped achieve high measures of comfort and performance. (Architect: EHDD Architects)



    UC Davis   UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Laboratory Davis, CA:
Daylighting design, shading design and glazing specifications coordinated with lighting design and thermal performance for the research labs and offices for veterinary science. (Architect: HOK Architects)
UC DavisDetails



    SERC   Solar Energy Research Center (SERC) Berkeley, CA:
Daylighting, shading and electrical lighting design, including innovative lighting controls for the laboratory spaces and the exterior lighting for the landscaped plaza for a 40,000 sf building at LBNL campus.
(Architect: Smithgroup Inc.)
Cleveland Clinic Abu DhabiDetails






User Test Bed Facility (UTBF) for Integrated Building Systems, Berkeley, CA
Architect: Stantec / Anshen & Allen

Helios Energy Research Facility, Berkeley, CA
Architect: Smithgroup Inc.

Arzanah Medical Complex, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Architect: HDP-OS Ltd.

UCSC Biomedical Science Building, Santa Cruz, CA
Architect: EHDD Architects

NOAA Pacific Research Headquarters, San Diego, CA
Architect: HDR

NOAA Pacific Research Headquarters, Oahu, HI
Architect: HOK




Residential Projects  
    Anna Head Student Housing   Maximino Martinez Commons Berkeley, CA:
Interior and exterior lighting design and daylighting for 6 story, 114,000 sf 424 bed residence hall and apartments for University of California, Berkeley.
(Architect: Behnisch Architekten)



    Gallery House   The Gallery House San Francisco, CA:
Daylighting consulting including vertical glazing, skylights, and appropriate finish selections to address the specialized lighting needs of artwork exhibition.
(Architect: Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects)



    Nicasio House   Crook/Cup/Bow/Twist House Marin County, CA:
Consulting on sustainable strategies, energy modeling, thermal comfort modeling and system and control designs for the solar energy systems.
(Architect: Schwartz and Architecture)



    Atherton   Atherton Residence Atherton, CA:
Assistance with thermal strategies for heating and passive cooling, shading and alternative energy for a private retreat house with thermal and visual comfort as fundamental goals.

(Architect:Turnbull, Griffin, Haesloop Architects)
Nicasio houseDetails


    Art Center Student Housing   Art Center College of Design Student Housing Pasadena, CA:
Energy, daylighting, and systems analysis. Involved in pre-schematics, we provided the numbers and analysis which helped the architect make a case for a sustainable goal.
(Architect: Daly Genik)
Art CenterDetails






Low Energy Residence, Los Angeles, CA
Architect: JohnstonMarklee Architects

ASUL Custom Homes
Architect: Various architects

Casa Feliz Apartments, San Jose, CA
Architect: Rob Wellington Quigley

Osprey Point House, Elk
Client: Peter Eisenberger






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Stanford Graduate Housing Studios 3 & 4, Palo Alto, CA
Client: Stanford University

ACC Zero-Energy House, Livermore, CA
Client: California Energy Commission

ASUL Custom Homes: Residential Energy and Comfort
Client: ASUL Custom Homes

Sarabhai House, Ahmedabad, India
Architect: Le Corbusier

Oak Alley: The Heavy Mass PLantation House, Vacherie, LA
Article author: Susan Ubbelohde