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coolshadow_lichen house_1  


In the hills above Sonoma Valley, the site’s oak trees are host to Ramalina Lichen which filter sunlight, capture nutrients, and remove pollutants. The deep metal fin trellis acts as a reference to the lichen’s geometry, recreating dappled light, while passively shading the house. The project design also employs porosity, through operable windows and large sliding doors, allowing for natural ventilation and passive cooling of the house. Wings of the house reach out towards the views in the south and west.

Loisos + Ubbelohde provided consulting on sustainable strategies, energy modeling, and thermal comfort modeling. Services include analyzing the effectiveness of the shading trellis, glazing specifications, façade detailing, and overall massing and solar orientation.

coolshadow_lichen house_2 House in the Sonoma landscape

coolshadow_lichen house_3
Outdoor living space.

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Schwartz and Architecture

Glen Ellen, CA

Occupied, 2016
The Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Awards, 2018

AIACC Residential Awards Merit Award, 2018

coolshadow_lichen house_4

Photographs by Richard Barnes