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The house is sited on the top of a ridge with expansive views, under a green roof designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Glazed courtyards give the house access to views, daylight, and air. The interior of the house is hollowed out into curving vaults, creating large spaces for entertaining and art display and more intimate spaces for living and working.

Loisos and Ubbelohde provided a wide range of services to this house. As lighting designers for the project, L+U sought to complement and enliven the sculptural interior with a dynamic, low energy, daylight-integrated lighting scheme. Daylight simulations assisted with shade specification and curatorial conditions for the clients’ art collection. With a goal for the house to be net-zero energy and environmentally resilient, L+U performed extensive thermal comfort and energy use, generation, and storage modeling. L +U has developed a comprehensive monitoring program to help track comfort and performance in the completed building.

Radiance rendering of living room

Comfort range comparison diagrams

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Shubin Donaldson

Montecito, CA

Under Construction

Plan view from Radiance showing solar patterns

Radiance false-color plan view showing solar reflections

Plan view solar radiation patterns for radiant system zoning


Top Rendering courtesy of Shubin Donaldson