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In California’s Central Valley, Valley Center children’s hospital built two new outpatient centers. Each building is based on a plan prototype: a glazed oval lobby reception area flanked by two clinic modules. Loisos and Ubbelohde provided thermal and visual comfort modeling, primarily analyzing the glass entry foyer. Thermal analysis was based on a combination of glass specifications and radiant mechanical systems.

Through iterative studies, L+U used radiance simulations to design the frit pattern for the curved glass facade. In the Modesto center, L+U assisted in the design of tensile fabric sculptures that showcase the height of the lobby space, while also providing shading and visual comfort at the reception desk.    

Illumination levels in Radiance simulation of lobby

Radiance simulation of tensile shading structure in lobby

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Bakersfield and Modesto, CA

Occupied, 2019


library Glass frit Study of "George the Giraffe"