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The Sun Cannon collects direct radiation from the roof and delivers an intensified beam of sun to the column that drops five stories in the center of the main stairwell. Each of four compound parabolic concentrators mounted on the roof is designed to collect and deliver sun for one hour a day, the same hour every day of the year. As the four columns individually light up for their specified hour and then dim, the building interior is rythmically connected to the time of day. The concentrators for the Cannon were designed with ray tracing software to optimize the flow of sunlight. the compound curvature that resulted was constructed as a test at quarter scale. The interior of the concentrator was lined with analoid reflective aluminum. The concentrated beam was delievered to an acrylic shaft lined with optical redirecting film.


Loisos + Ubbelohde

Alameda, CA



Photo of light fixture with calibrated HDR photo

Photo of coelostat interior


Diagram of compound fixture

Raytracing analysis of cannon design


Photos of light fixture under construction

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