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This five story EBB lab located near the University of California, Berkeley campus houses molecular and microbial biology research, including lab rooms, cold/hot rooms, green houses and offices.

L+U developed the luminous stair in collaboration with the SmithGroup to thread through the building vertically and visually tie the floors together. Mock-ups and simulations were used to fine tune the LED source, the diffusion panels and riser-grating for uniform stair lighting and ease of maintenance.

Mock-up for luminous staircase and false color HDRI to study luminance.

View of the luminous staircase from above.

View of the luminous staircase from below.

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Loisos + Ubbelohde


Berkeley, CA

Occupied, 2012

Side view of staircase showing illuminating underside.

View of staircase connecting five floors of laboratory spaces.

Photographs by Bruce Damonte.